• Olive Orange has its roots in a small apartment in 2005. This is where Adam and Pascal first discussed their love of cooking and their mutual desire to start a business. With a small budget, a desire to succeed, and Betty (the delivery van), the two set out to make a name for themselves. It wasn’t long before some of the biggest companies in Montreal were working with them.

  • It was their unique take on a number of classic meals plus their willingness to customize everything that made them such a hit. The two soon needed more space than what they had, which led them to build their very first commercial grade kitchen. But even that space soon proved to be too small, and walls had to come down. When all was said and done, Olive Orange had purchased a neighboring space and become a whopping 12,000 square foot in size!

  • Today, what started as a small business with one delivery van now routinely caters events of up to 20,000 people. With a team of young professionals, full bar services, a rental department, and many more vehicles, Olive Orange has grown but is still centered on the original vision: providing outstanding, personalized catering services. Olive Orange can now proudly be your one stop shop for all your catering and event needs..


We love cooking and catering. That’s why we want every event we cater to be perfect. Our philosophy is that you know what you want for your event, so who are we to say otherwise? We want to make your dream event come true!


Composed of a professional team, feel free to challenge us, we will meet all your needs and exceed your expectations!


    Pascal grew up in the service and restaurant industry, which explains his love for food and for cooking. As the co-owner of the company with Adam, Pascal channels his energy into many of the behind-the-scenes planning, organizing, and dealing with any problems that arise.

  • ADAM

    Co-owner with Pascal, Adam is our front man. He will be at every event to make certain things run smoothly. He directly manages the staff and serves as the face of Olive Orange. His calm demeanor ensures that he will handle any problem quickly and professionally.


    Sebastien has been with us since 2012. He’s something of a jack-of-all-trades: bar manager, account manager, head of sales, and sommelier, Sebastien does it all. He’s a vital part of our creative team and brings with him his knowledge of the Montreal event scene.


    As head chef of Olive Orange, Aaron is in charge of managing the kitchen. He does all of the ordering and plating for each event, plus he holds the entire team to his incredibly high visual and culinary standard. He’s been with Olive Orange since 2010, bringing his culinary skills, knowledge, and creativity to the team. It’s thanks to Aaron that our clients’ visions become reality.


Olive Orange has partnered with a number of different charities to raise money for several outstanding causes. We do this through donating meals and our catering services. Here are several of the charities we’ve partnered with in the past: